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Augusta Georgia Warhammer 40K Apocalypse event

The Augusta Book Exchange will be hosting a Warhammer 40K Apocalypse event. From their announcement:
This will be a story driven campaign that will go on (Bi-Monthly) all year at the Bobby Jones store. (11AM-Until) The entry fee for each game will be $7.00 and all proceeds will go to "Siege of Augusta". The winning side of each game will have an engraved plaque that shall be displayed in the store all year. Game #2: After a bloody battle the forces of Chaos and Orks pushed through the outer defenses of the hive city and the invasion is well underway. With the momentum of their first victory the forces of evil will gain an extra "Strategic Asset" in game two. The Space Marines and Imperial Guard have fallen back deeper into the city to try and gain a foothold. All the while the Tech-Priest have found that the Black Stone Fortress is starting to activate and showing signs of life. Can the forces of man win the day or will this world fall?
Important information Rules for participation are as follows: 1. $7.00 entry fee must be payed on or before april 30th. 2. Every player will have an army roster from Army Builder showing the validation report. if you don’t have Army Builder at home we have it at the shop. 3. The pre-game meeting starts at 11:15 am. you must be there at the pre-game meeting to play.. this is only fair to the players that are there on time. 4. Proxy models are not allowed. all models are "what you see is what you get". 5. you will need a 3000 point list. (be pre-paired to scale down 500 – 1000 points, depending on the number of players)