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August Special Deals from Ainsty available now

Ainsty Castings has some special deals going on now over on their website. Go check 'em out.

From the announcement:

August sees 3 special deals from Ainsty Castings. We have the Pirate Fleet, Ape Assault Force and Hammers Slammers Starter Pack

Pirate Fleet (£150) comprises Three Ships, Two packs of Deck Cannons and a Row Boat.
Ape Assault Force (£40) has 25 Apes including Command, and the Hammers Slammers Starter Pack (£65) givers you the Crucible Rules Book, 5 Blower Tanks and a Troop of 4 Combat Cars with crews.
These special deals will expire on 31st August but also Qualify for the spending discounts online too!