August Releases for Dark Age Now Available

By Polar_Bear
Aug 19th, 2017

Gen Con is a great place to pick up new releases for the games you love. Well, you don’t have to just be at Gen Con in order to get the latest offerings for Dark Age from CMON. They have posted up August’s releases in their webshop, and they should be available at your LGS, so you can go pick up yours today.

From the post:

While Bryan toils away here at Gen Con, the hard-working warehouse crew was busy making sure that everyone is going to get something this weekend. The August releases for Dark Age are now available!

It’s quite an important release this month, as we’ve got the new Skarrd book for you.


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  • Davos Seaworth

    So who wants to sell me on Dark Age? I see the updates all the time, but know absolutely nothing about it. What’s the elevator pitch here?

    • odinsgrandson

      The game uses a D20, unit stat cards and alternating activations. Mostly, the rules will feel familiar to anyone who is already playing minis games- really easy to pick up.

      Things die a lot, and they die really fast. Which means that games play quickly (even large games shouldn’t take all day).

      The minis paint up really well (but I bet you already knew that). The setting is post apocalyptic Grim/Dark with religious humans fighting off mutants, alien slavers and ancient robots.

      So… how did I do?

      • Davos Seaworth

        Hmm… I think I’m gonna need you to send me a couple starter sets so that I can make a truly informed decision. Thx!

        • I realize I may come across as biased, but I think it’s a good game. I’ve got a small Dragyri Ice Cult force (though after a couple more releases that are coming down the pipeline, I’m going to have an “Earth, Wind, and Fire” force as well). The different factions play nicely differently from one-another, and even the sub-factions within them have a different feel to them. Small model count. Alternating Activations. Quick gameplay. It’s got a lot of things that I, personally, enjoy in a miniatures game.

  • Nick Johnson

    The other nice thing is the rules are free to download and you can also get all the stat cards on