August offers at Alternative Armies

Alternative Armies have some special deals going on for August over in their webshop. Go take a look.


From the website:

Thanks to everyone who sent in kind words and praised us on the transfer of all our white metal riding pigs for Flintloque and Slaughterloo into resin. Earlier this week we announced that every order placed with us would get one of these grey tone piggies for free in their package as a wee gift. Well on top of that we have an offer this week instead of a release. Players of Flintloque and Slaughterloo have been asking if we were going to do something on the codes affected by the change so we will do!

For one week from today we are taking 15% off the prices (Unpainted and Painted) of the following pig riding codes (packs, units and singles).

Lastly we have updated for August 2014 our Deals and Offers page.

The final sets of LEU02 1st Moldsk Guard have sold out and only a couple of LEU03 Princess Julianna packs remain. This month we have the following offers. BS001 Pastry Pies are half price meaning you have add baked goods to your 28mm Flintloque or Fantasy miniatures. From the classic Asgard space marine range SM9 Large Battle Droid is half price and we would like to thank everyone who took up the last offer on the Space Captain. Artillery for Flintloque and Grapeshotte now on offer is the 59516 Rocket Platform at 15% off so that you can whizz pop your foes. Personalties we have an offer of 15% off on 56017 Finkestein Ogre Officer. The Erin 2nd Edition starter boxed set is 10% off its already great price which includes the rule book, dice and miniatures and this applies to painted and based as well as unpainted options. Lastly we have an offer on the first pack re-released under Project Darkhelm so that is 15% off the pack of five DH1 Young Dwarves.

Thanks for Reading.