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Aug/Sep issue of Battlespace Magazine now available

The latest issue of Battlespace Magazine is now available for download. Battlespace Aug/Sep 2011 From their announcement:
The latest issue of interactive and animated digital strategy gaming magazine, Battlespace is now available to read and/or download. This issue features several Japanese-themed games, including:
  • epic digital strategy in Paradox Interactive's Sengoku
  • a guide to getting started with tabletop miniatures, including Killer Katanas II and Bushido
  • deadly ninjas in the new Ninjato board game; and
  • drunken warriors with swords in the upcoming Sake & Samurai card game
There's also plenty of other content to enjoy this issue, such as:
  • Do-it-yourself game design and publishing ideas
  • The latest miniature and digital projects from game designer Alessio Cavatore
  • Warlord Games and legendary designer, Rick Priestley's new rule book, Hail Caesar
  • The Heroes of Armageddon's Warhammer 40K charity fundraising project
  • New Kickstarter tech employee management board game, Startup Fever
  • A game mechanics overview with blogger Zack Hiwiller
  • The digital god-game returns with the recent release of Ubisoft's From Dust
  • Conquest Tactics aimsto change the face of collecitble card gaming
  • Winds of War battle report from Australia's WarPuppy Games
  • Puerto Rico designer, Andreas Seyfarth test drives the new iPad version of his game