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Audatia, the medieval swordfighting card game, up on Indiegogo

Audatia is a card game up on Indiegogo that also helps you learn actual sword fighting techniques as you play.

From the campaign:

Swords are Cool

And knowing how they work is even cooler.

This game idea was born when Rami and Guy were discussing how hard it is for students to learn swordsmanship terminology and theory. So we thought about flash cards, and suddenly it came to us- a card game that is fun to play, and at the same time imparts real knowledge of our martial heritage.

So we talked to some game designers, raised some funds, and hired Games and Tales in Oulu, Finland, to come up with a prototype. The game is done, playable, ready.

Now we need funds to complete the artwork and print up the first run of cards. That's where you come in!