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Auction for painted Saga figs - Iron Man II 24hr charity painting marathon

Just Giving is running an auction for the army painted during the Iron Man II 24 hour painting marathon. Proceeds go to Save the Children.

From the announcement:

Super great guy, Mike Hobbs, painted up a 29-figure, 4pt Pagan Rus Saga warband for the event over a 24hr period. All figures are 28mm Gripping Beast. Thanks to GB for donating the figures.

All proceeds to go to the Save the Children charity. So far we have raised over £500 for the charity and had a great time doing it!

The warband will be auctioned, with a closing date of August 30th at midnight GMT. Bids must be emailed to Winning bidder will be announced by the following day.

We are setting a reserve of £87 for the 29 figure warband. That's £3 per figure so please dig deep. Postage will be added at cost or may be picked up in Cardiff, or at a show attended by Great Escape Games.

We will also have details of a 48-model 28mm WWII British Infantry platoon from Artizan Designs, donated by Great Escape Games. Pictures (sneak preview below) and auction details will follow later in the week.