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Attica Games releases Professor Polyphemus and Gollum models

Attica Games has a pair of new releases for their Plastic Population range of minis. Come and meet Professor Polyphemus and his Rubber Gollum.


From the release:

Attica Games is delighted to add Professor Polyphemus to its Plastic Population range.

The creative genius behind Buster and co – a fiend, monster, arch-criminal – we can write the words but they don’t begin to describe the man. Super Villain, take a bow!

No evil entourage is complete without a 9 foot tall plasmodic unicellular monster! Polyphemus’ bodyguard, and at times avatar, the Rubber Gollum

Master & Servant - this relationship is not one of equals! The Gollum follows his creator’s orders to the letter – or he would if he could read.