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Attention Span Game Studios launches D&Dizzle: Dragons in the Hood Kickstarter

Attention Span Game Studios launched their Kickstarter campaign for D&Dizzle: Dragons in the Hood, their new spin on t he classic RPG system.


From the campaign:

D&Dizzle is an affectionate parody of 80's-90's hip hop culture and adventure table top role playing. D&Dizzle comes in a sleek, 4"x6" pocket sized format for the nerd OG on the go. All you need is 2d6 (your bones), the book, a pencil and some paper. From there you are good to go. This game is for mature players as it has a ton of the swears in it as well as some other topics, like drugs and violence, but if you are cool with those things and would like a good laugh, come protect the hood and save princess Fabula from the dreaded Black Dragon.