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Attack Wing Prototype 02 Card Pack Preview Posted

For Star Trek Attack Wing, the cards are where it's at. I know, the ships are flashy and actually do the moving around on the board, but it's the cards that tell you what you get to do when that ship is in position. As such, WizKids is going to be coming out with card pack expansions that will increase the options for players and their fleets. In this preview, we get a look at the Prototype 02 Card Pack.

From the website:

WizKids/NECA is happy to announce brand-new content for Star Trek: Attack Wing, starting with Star Trek: Attack Wing Card Packs – Wave 1. The Card Pack contains 11 cards, Captain Tokens and a Ship Token. Each pack will focus on a particular ship and contain fun thematic cards with a new point efficient cost system that will add a new level of depth and excitement to gameplay. In addition the new formatting and iconography for cards will now allow players to easily identify game effects such as triggers, durations, range and firing arc.

The next Card Pack to be previewed is for Prototype 02. Romulan Drone ships are fast and maneuverable. For only 19 SP you get 3’s across the board for Primary Weapon, Agility, Hull and Shields. The generic version of the ship is a lean 16 SP with three Tech Upgrade slots and one Weapon Upgrade slot allowing you to customize the drone. During the Planning Phase you may place an Auxiliary Power Token beside this ship. Then remove 1 Token from each Tech Upgrade equipped to this ship. This ship may only be equipped with Gareb or a Romulan Drone Pilot as its Captain.