Atomic Cafe 1957 available for sale

AC57_CoverFinal_sm.jpgBrigade Games are now selling perfect bound copies of their Atomic Cafe 1957 pulp/sci-fi rules.

From their website:
1957 is drawing to a close. The U.S.S.R. launched a multi-stage ballistic missile earlier in the year and the U.S., not wanting to fall behind in the missile race, launches its first ICBM on December 17th.

Sometime between that launch and the next day, something happens. Bombers from both sides are in the air, and nuclear war arrives. Soon the world is blasted to ruins and only small pockets, isolated from the destruction and ensuing radioactive fallout, prove habitable over the long term. And between those pockets, battles rage between gangs of survivors (The 8th Avenue Greasers, The Michigan State Bowling League, and others) and rogue military units. All of them seeking food, fuel, or a place free of radiation.

This is the world of the atomic cafe.

Atomic Cafe is a game of gang warfare set in the post-apocalyptic 1950s of B-Movies. Roving gangs battle each other for survival. RadZombies seek out the living. Mutated men, animals and insects wander the blasted ruins. And all the while, unseen hosts watch and wait for their chance to take control.

This is the newest game from Brigade Games, and produced by the good folks at Rattrap Productions.