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Atlas Animalia Up On Kickstarter

For those that are fans of the Baby Bestiary, the folks behind it are back with another new book on Kickstarter. This one's the Atlas Animalia. It takes many of the creatures you're familiar with and gives them a little spin. How about a panda owlbear? Or arctic phasecat? There's 15 different creatures in the base book, with more to be decided upon by backers. They are also creating pdfs that include stats to use the creatures in both Pathfinder as well as 5th Edition.

From the campaign:

Have you ever wanted to use a particular creature in your campaign but couldn't because it would not make sense in the party's current environment?

Well, look no further, for we have panda owlbears and a variety of other unique creatures for your next campaign!!

Atlas Animalia is currently slated to being an 85-page hardcover book, featuring 20 unique beasts, and exploring 4 variants of each. Each entry will dive deep into the creature, covering biology, hunting, and mating (perhaps even some rearing tips for the daring beastmaster). Best to think of it like an extended lore monster manual entry. For each of the variants, the book will cover the creature's unique environmental adaptations in addition to local uses for the creature (being legendary myths or traditions that could tie into adventure hooks).

Much like the Baby Bestiary, the corebook is systemless, does not contain stats, and is not tied to any particular ruleset or setting. If you want stats for your respective system, we are creating companion PDFs, which are separate from the core book

The campaign's about 1/3 of the way to its goal with still 30 days left to go.