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ATER collectible miniatures series

Deadsculpt Figures is running a Kickstarter campaign for a new line of 54mm collectible miniatures they've called Ater. The miniatures are 3D sculpted and will be cast in grey resin. The model line is for the horror and surreal enthusiasts out there, with "no elves or space marines" coming.
They're close to their funding goal, already, with 28 more days to go.


From the campaign:

Ater is not a game, it's a 54mm scale miniature line that targets collectors and enthusiasts with a taste for horror, the unusual, the surreal and the creepy... so no elves or marines will be part of this project if it were to be successful enough to allow for future growth.

The miniatures presented in this campaign are 3d sculpted and printed. The final products that you will get are blisters containing grey resin figures made of parts. Assembly, gluing and minor tooling will be required as it is normal with most miniatures and model kits.

Here are pictures and details of the miniatures in their current state, (the final products may have minor differences)