Astro Mag issue 7 released

Issue 7 of Astro Mag is now available for download.

From their website:

It’s here!   We’re back on our feet, folks.  Click the cover art at the bottom of this post or in the Database page to download and enjoy.

Table of Contents:

  • What Can the Seer Council Do For You?
  • From the Void: An article on podcasts (note: this article was written months ago; there will have to be a second part to cover the other 40k podcsts that have sprung up and established themselves)
  • Mathhammer & You
  • How I Paint Space Hulk: Terminators
  • Basic Brush Techniques
  • Loyal Traitors: A Soul Drinker’s Army List
  • The Homebrew
  • ’I Hate Cadia’ (fiction, by Anne Marie)
  • Battle Report: Rumble in Richmond