Astro Mag fiction contest

The Astro Mag is running a contest for a new fiction piece to appear in their magazine. From their website:
The crew running the Chronicles of the Old World has decided on a contest to get more interest going in the Mag. Interested? Good, read on: The contest is a fiction one. Now, as the issue has a theme of "Evil", and so Im asking that entries are kept to a similar theme; Orcs, Goblins, Dark Elves, Vampire Counts, Ogres, Skaven and Tomb Kings are all valid races for use in your stories, and we’re looking for between 1500-2000 words here. Deadline is April 1st, and all entries must be submitted to our email, "" And yes, there is a prize. Two for one, in fact, as first place scores a copy of Heldenhammer and Empire, both signed by Graham McNeill.