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Astrahys Fantasy Miniatures Game Up On Kickstarter

The last time I took French was my sophomore year of high school. I used it a little later on when some of my staff when I worked at the hospital was Haitian. So, needless to say, it's rusty and then some. Thankfully, the Astrahys Kickstarter is in both French and English. And the minis look pretty awesome. So I suggest you check out this new fantasy minis game.

From the campaign:

You can play different formats, depending the number of miniatures you wanna play :

Discovery format : you play 200 points which mean that you can play directly with any starter. In every starter there is 4 resin miniatures with their bases and profile cards (equipments, powers and spells if needed), a rules booklet, white dices, mdf tokens (and gems if needed).

Standard format : to go further in the game, this will add other miniatures to the starters for a total of 400 points.That format offer a lot of combination between profiles, equipments, powers, spells… allowing you to play various profiles : powerful heroes like Fenrir or massive creatures like the Minotaur. That format is usable for tournament due to its competitive aspects. The game is about accomplishing specific objectives to win the battle.

Narrative format : that format has no points limit, it allow you to play scenario in your games, using specific sceneries, massive creatures fighting to win those scenarios.

Free format : That format is made for those that simply want to play freely, without points limit, with or without scenarios and/or objectives.

The campaign is right on the verge of funding with still 23 days left to go.