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Astounding Adventures #3 available for pre-order

Astounding Adventures #3The Virtual Armchair General is taking pre-orders for Astounding Adventures #3. From their announcement: Now Playing: The Road to Skull Island. "Yes, the boys are at it again. Bing & Bob hit the Road to a Lost World where Prehistoric Monsters roam and Curveous Cave girls await. Swoon to Bing's crooning to a beautiful pirate queen. Laugh as Bob faces a troop of trepidatious chimps. And those aren't bananas they're throwing. Evil cultists, dangerous warlords, dueling airships. "And Kang, the Ninth Wonder of the World. "The Riproaringest Road Ever."Just when you thought it couldn't happen, King Kong, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, and Dorothy Lamour have finally gotten together on the same page. Subscriptions have opened for the 3rd volume of Astounding Adventures. "The Road to Skull Island by Jeff Wasileski is the first collection of game scenarios for Howard Whitehouse's Astounding Tales. 2nd Edition to comprise a serial adventure in one volume. Racing from Asia to points unknown in the Southern Seas, the players will be the stars in nine exciting chapters. This volume also contains, "All God's Chillin' Got Guns," a supplement to Astounding Tales. for fighting out larger scale pulp battles. Battling armies of robots, dueling airships, city-leveling death rays, now you can play them all. The book runs to a record 64 pages, with ten of those being full-color maps. There are also complete character stats for Our Heroes, the Vilest of Villains, and everything needed for the Director to create the biggest — and funniest. — Astounding Adventure of them all. Or, to quote from the author's Introduction (while channeling the famous German Direktor/Auteur/Schizo, Eric von Schnitzel), "Zis vill be ze Greatest All-Zinging-All-Danzing-Pirate-Gangster-Kultist-Dinosaur-Big Monkey-Science-Fiction-Musical Film Ever Made." Veterans of other TVAG subscriptions already know the drill, but for those who may not, here's the deal: 1. Email and say you wish to subscribe to AA#3, plus anything else you might wish to buy and have sent at the same time. Please provide your preferred mailing address, but make no payment. 2. Pre-Publication Price: $15.00 USD (plus $7.00 USD domestic postage, $14.00 USD overseas). When due, payment may be via PayPal to, or by personal check/money order made payable to "Patrick R. Wilson" (and none other please) and mailed to TVAG's address. The retail price upon publication will be $20.00 USD, and a PDF edition will be offered for $15.00 USD as well. As a further service, buyers may request their copies of the PDF version be sent directly by email to their provided address, and thus avoid paying any postage at all. For those new to Astounding Tales. as well as the previous editions of Astounding Adventures., and who decide now's the time to see what they're all about, we have a Friends of Rick's discount price. Buy print editions of Astounding Adventures #1 or Astounding Adventures #2, and/or the basic rules, Astounding Tales Second Edition, at the same time when subscribing to AA#3, and have $5.00 USD subtracted from the total cost of your order. Anyone ordering the print editions of AT2 and both AA #1 and #2 during this subscription period will be recognized as a "Special Friend of Rick's" and take $10.00 USD off the total price. No money will be requested until the minimum number of 50 copies has been sold, at which point the subscription for this print run will be closed. As usual, it's pretty much "first come, first served." 3. All subscribers' names will appear on the Roll of Honor printed in all copies of the initial printing. This subscription closes at midnight (CST), Sunday, February 6, 2011, with copies mailed out before the end of the month. So let us hear from you — this is a limited booking on the Good Ship Venture Capitalist, soon to sail to adventure.