Astounding Adventures #2 available for pre-order

512139a.jpgThe Virtual Armchair General are taking pre-orders for their Astounding Adventures #2 pulp adventure supplement.

From their announcement:
After a very long gap (which I put down to a combination of incarceration in Peru and experimental eye surgery conducted by scientists who turned out to be, er, evil) the second issue of ‘Astounding Adventures.’ is available for pre-order.

Despite our ludicrous pretension that AA2 is, in fact, a pulp magazine from 1937, the publication is a set of four intricately plotted scenarios taking us from one damn tropical island infested with giant rats to another infested with Nazi operatives to an idyllic English village full of Bolsheviks, mad scientists and part-time blood cultists.

They are all designed for Astounding Tales., but – since a pulp scenario is a pulp scenario – they fit most game systems. Indeed, we’ve included (with permission, of course) sections on how to convert the terminology of Astounding Tales to several other fine sets of rules.

As a new feature for AA #2 not possible in the original AA #1, there are nine pages of full-color game maps to help Directors design their own Sets for each Scene of each scenario.

Veterans of new TVAG subscriptions already know the drill, but for those who may not, here’s the deal:

Pre-Publication Price: $15.00 USD (plus $7.00 USD domestic postage, $14.00 USD overseas). Payment may be via PayPal to, or by personal check/money order made payable to “Patrick R. Wilson” (and none other please) and mailed to TVAG’s earthly address.

The expected retail price upon publication is $20.00 USD, and a PDF Edition on CD will be offered for $15.00 USD as well. As a further service, interested parties have the option of requesting that their copies of the PDF version of the book be sent directly by email to their provided address, and thus avoid paying any postage costs at all.

If anyone wishes to buy at the same time Astounding Adventures #1 and/or the basic rules, Astounding Tales Second Edition, as PDFs (on CD or not) at the same time, please subtract $5.00 USD from the total cost of all titles.

No money will be requested until the minimum number of 50 copies has been sold, at which point the subscription for this print run will be closed. As usual, it’s pretty much “First come, first served.”

All subscribers’ names will appear on the Role of Honor printed in all copies of the initial printing.

Each subscriber’s copy will be numbered, inscribed, and personally autographed by Howard Whitehouse himself.

This subscription closes Wednesday, January 6, 2010, with copies to be mailed approximately ten days later.