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Assault Publishing updates shipping rates has their AP Team from Oddzial Osmy available

Assault Publishing has updated their shipping costs as well as has the AP Team avialable.

From the announcement:

Today the shipment rates in Assault Publishing on-line were changed. After long consideration the flat rate was applied and now, whatever you order a single blister or a big pile of rulebooks and miniatures, you will be charged 35 PLN when shipped worldwide (about 8-8,5 EUR or 11-12 USD depending on the current exchange rate) and 10 PLN (Postal) or 18 PLN (K-EX) when shipped to Poland.

This is a special set which is the tribute to the persons involved in making of “PMC 2640? ruleset. From left to right we have:
Sgn. Pogodyn - heavy weapon specialist
Lt. Sarmor – EW specialist and logistic officer
Col. Gerkovith - shareholder and commander in field of MKG Inc.
M.K. - legendary commando and saboteur
Tomash K. – renegade commander
Sandra “Savannah” Brooks - freebooter sniper