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Assault Publishing teaming up with Rebel Minis on new Assault Publishing Choice Repacks range of kits

Assault Publishing and Rebel Minis have teamed up to bring you Assault Publishing Choice Repacks, a new series of minis kits designed for PMC2640.


From the announcement:

Today there is very important day for Assault Publishing! After long preparations, repacking and discussions Assault Publishing Choice Repacks range was enlarged by models provided by Rebel Minis from USA!

APCR is the unique composite 15mm line, dedicated forPMC2640 wargame so all models cover the particular unit from the rulebook. It grows slowly, but constantly. Its main goal is to provide the finest available 15mm miniatures from the varied producers as the best wargames deserve for the best minis!

The new releases include 7 new infantry re-packs and 15 vehicles, starting from small buggies to huge tank and gunships.

The full list of new units or vehicles is below:
APCR-1001 Engineers (Tier II-V)
APCR-1002 Assault infantry (Tier III-V)
APCR-1003 Rifle infantry 2 (Tier II-V)
APCR-1004 Rangers (Tier V)
APCR-1005 Light infantry (Tier II)
APCR-1006 Irregulars (Tier I)
APCR-1007 Penal troops (Tier I)
APCR-1101 Wolverine Mk.I tank (Medium Combat Vehicle)
APCR-1102 Wolverine Mk.II tank (Medium Combat Vehicle)
APCR-1103 Bear Mk.I/II/III vehicle (ACP/IFV/Medium Support vehicle)
APCR-1104 Merka 5 tank (Advanced Combat Vehicle)
APCR-1105 Merka 9 tank (Advanced Support Vehicle)
APCR-1201 Apache Mk.I (Heavy Patrol Vehicle)
APCR-1202 Gila Mk.I (Light Patrol Vehicle)
APCR-1301 HAMR Mk.III (Light Destroyer Vehicle)
APCR-1302 HAMR Mk.II (Light Combat Vehicle)
APCR-1401 Warlord grav tank (Light Combat Vehicle)
APCR-1402 Tempest grav tank (Light Support Vehicle)
APCR-1403 Tornado grav tank (Light Combat Vehicle)
APCR-1901 Titan gunship/dropship (Gunship/Heavy transport/FASC)
APCR-1902 Saber Mk.I gunship (Heavy Strike Craft)
APCR-1903 Saber Mk.II transport (Light Transport Aircraft)