Assault Publishing shows PMC2640 teaser

By Polar_Bear
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Jan 28th, 2013

Assault Publishing put up a video preview for their upcoming PMC2640 game.

From the preview:

Assault Publishing presents the teaser of PMC2640 wargame, which is planned to be released in May 2013.

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  • Grindar

    That seemed like a waste of time. Could’ve just made a flier with the same stills.

  • MKG

    Making teaser was funny and quite relaxing and I have done costless (personally) and what’s wrong with it? 🙂

    • Grindar

      It presented absolutely nothing as far as actual information as I can tell…a few bits of generic sci-fi warfare artwork and a release date that knowing the gaming industry is more likely than not inaccurate. A teaser leaves me wanting more, not saying meh at the end. How about info on gameplay, like scale (unit size or figure scale), any interesting things mechanic-wise that distinguish the game, maybe a sculpt…something that actually tells me something about the game that makes me want it.

      I mean, I dig Hind Commander because it’s focused on helicopters and there isn’t exactly a glut of those around. Small-figure sci-fi rules on the other hand are a dime a dozen, what is supposed to make this game stand out? That’s what needs to be in a teaser.

      • MKG

        Do you want more? That’s fine. The teaser works 😀
        IHMO the role of the teaser is to draw the attention, not to present the game. There will be the time for details (quite soon anyway) and I’ll do it in more classical form, such like good, old fashioned news.

        But I may reveal a few pieces of information here because you asked:
        1. The rulebook is main product, where will be no “official” miniatures.
        2. Most typical scale is 15mm, but can be played in fact in any other (20-32mm and using optional rules you mat go down to 10mm or 6mm).
        3. “True company scale” philosophy – works fine with a few and a few dozen units on the table: no weird special rules, no markers (just dice to mark suppression), no bookkipping
        4. Focus on morale and suppression. Morale not as 0-1 parameter, but goes down with losses (team which lost half of it’s memebers is little battleworthy)
        5. Smooth rules for vehicles ground and air, no ruleset in ruleset syndrome
        6. Concretration on firefight, no stupid head bashing like cavemen
        7. Gradable battle scale, random terrain generators and random mission – flexibility is the most important!
        8. Advanced campaign system, with units gaining flaws and pros and developing your PMC (in style rather common for skirmish games), no fixed trees and unplayable scenarios.
        9. Separate, dedicated chapter for Solitaire/Cooperative games: dedicated rules, units (Rebels and Space Bugs) and scenarios!

        I think it’s enought for today. 🙂