Assault Publishing Sci-Fi sale

By Polar_Bear
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Sep 19th, 2014

Assault Publishing is having themselves a sale on their sci-fi items over in their webshop.

SF Combat Engineers from APDS range


From the sales sheet:

The celebrating of 3rd birthday of Assault Publishing continues!
This time you can get the special 15% discount on nearly all Sci-Fi wargame articles in Assault Publishing store: PMC 2640 printed rulebooks (but not e-books) and Assault Publishing 15mm miniatures (APDS), O8 miniatures, APCR re-packs (O8, Rebel Minis, Antenocitis Workshop, Brigade Models, even remaining Cannon Fodder starters) and all 15mm HEAT terrain range!

More details on the Assault Publishing web page.

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