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Assault Publishing releases new bases

Assault Publishing has new acrylic bases for release.

From their website:

Today the finest quality miniature bases returned to Assault Publishing on-line store! Furthermore the big success of dedicated Hind Commander bases (20x20 aircraft and vehicle and 60x40 support one) led to introducing two new sizes!

Infantry bases (15mm*15mm) are perfect for mounting either infantry teams in 2/3 mm scale or single miniatures in 15/20mm scale.

Universal bases (40mm*20mm) are perfect solution for countless wargaming rulesets in smaller scales, such like all WM/BC family or for smaller squads in 15mm.

All high-quality bases offered by Assault Publishing are made from hard, black material and covered by gentle textured, fine acrilic, which can be easily painted and bonds well with all common glues types (resin, cyanoacrylate, PVA etc.) used by modellers.