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Assault Publishing releases Blitzgewitter for Hind Commander

Assault Publishing releases a new miniature battle set for Hind Commander called "Blitzewitter".

From their release:

Today the next, great battleset was added to Assault Publishing offer! "Blitzgewitter" is Hind Commander battleset composed from models of the vehicles used by German arms. But do not worry! It isn't made stylized for exploited '80! Instead you can get the most modern equipment ready for intervention in any conflict!

Every set normally consists of 4xEC Tiger, 4xNH90, 2xPAH-1, 1xChinook, 2xEF Typhoon, 5xLeopard 2A5, 5xMarder I, 5xMAN 7t, 5xFT Fuchs, 5xFH-70, 3xFP Gepard and 15x Infantry teams.

Blitzgewitter may be purchased from Assault Publishing on-line store. Alternatively, if you prefer, you may ask you local retailer or distributor about it.