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Assault Publishing Releases a New Battleset for Hind Commander

Assault Publishing announces a new, great battleset for Hind Commander ruleset was released, Claws of the Bear:

From their website:

"Claws of the Bear" is based on ultra-modern Russian equipment and is great set, full of juisy, the newest models of Oddzial Osmy in 1/600 scale, such like Ka-50s, Mi-28s and Mi-26!

Every set normally consists of 4xMi-28, 4xKa-50, 2xMi-17, 1xMi-26, 2xMiG-29, 3xTusguska SPAA, 5xT-90, 5xBMP-3, 5xGAZ-66, 5xBTR-D and 15xinfantry team!

"Claws..." may purchased in Assault Publishing ( on-line store in attractive price of 69 PLN (~15-16 EUR).