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Assault Publishing launches APCR miniature range

Assault Publishing is launching their newest miniatures line, the APCR line for the PMC 2640 game.

From the announcement:

Assault Publishing has just started APCR (Assault Publishing Choice Repacks) 15mm sci-fi miniature serie dedicated for PMC 2640 wargame. It is planned as composite line of the finest, handpicked models from various producers. The first, trial run consists of 9 repack sets made with Oddzia? Ósmy models, but next bath of models (including vehicles and units not covered by O8 sci-fi range) has been already ordered and will be introduced soon. Every APCR blister has the exact number of models (but from different sets) required for complete unit for PMC 2640. The (ambitious) goal is to provide the best available and handpicked 15mm models for PMC 2640 within one range, but of course it requires some time and need to be done slowly step-by-step.