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Assault Publishing Laser-cut March 2015 special deal

Assault Publishing is running a special deal for the month of march on their laser-cut terrain pieces. Usually costing 120euro, you can get their new starter set for just 99euro. You get quite a bit of terrain in this pack, including rooms and hallways, plus 16 doors to keep them separated.
The deal only lasts as long as March does, so better get on it.

From the announcement:

After many inquires we decided to introduce special starter set with our new laser-cut articles. ‘EDCV Labs’ special deal is very good beginning of you adventure with Assault Publishing modular system terrain!

The starter consists of the following elements:

1. 3 x 6? corridor
2. 2 x L-section
3. 1 x short X-section
4. 1 x short T-section
5. 2 x room w/2 entries (adjacent)
6. 16 x blast door (6*type 4, 4*type 5, 6*type 6)
7. bonus “EDCV Labs” wall layers – limited only to this set!

This is limited offer valid untill end of the March 2015. You can buy EDCV Labs set in Assault Publishing store in special price of 99 EUR (these elements normally cost 120 EUR if bought separately!).