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Assault Publishing has a new wargame!

Assault Publishing has a new minis game based on the First Desert Storm war.

Details, details:

Assault Publishing is very happy to announce the new wargame, which will be published very soon in cooperation with Oddzia? Ósmy! If everything goes well, Arm Weapons And Climb Solo: Gulf War will be released on 2 of April 2012 and pre-sales will start in last days of March! More details can be found on AP forum!

AWACS: GW is planned as the first part of the serie covering dealing with major air campaigns in the jet age. But now stay tuned and prepare yourself of Desert Storm!
"Arm Weapons And Climb Solo – Gulf War" is intended and designed as a fast, relaxing, and playful solitaire miniature tabletop game for both novice and veteran wargamers – a smart alternative for wasting time playing video games or watching TV.
AWACS: Gulf War is loosely based on the events of the First Gulf War, but isn’t a typical, realistic and historically accurate ruleset. Instead, you can expect quick, thrilling and fun B-movie style action!
Within this box you will find nearly everything needed to start playing: 62 unpainted, fine metal miniatures in 1/600 scale, 62 bases (stems for airplanes are not provided), a set of all required dice, counters, an ‘army list’ sheet and a brochure containing rules and six scenarios.
The players take various roles, from leading Allied fighter sweeps, Iraqi counterattacks or stealth bombings of SAM batteries, to destroying SCUDs hidden at the end of a long, well defended valley! The scenarios may be played on 3 difficulty levels, and the players may easily create their own missions. Additionally, they may share them with others on the official Assault Publishing forum!