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Assault Publishing gift miniature

Assault Publishing gets into the season of giving with their new gift mini they're offering with certain orders on their website. The mini is based on one of the art pieces from PMC 2640, their sci-fi miniatures rulebook. They'd originally wanted to have it for their 3rd anniversary, but stuff sometimes gets delayed. Anyway, the figure is now available with qualifying orders until February. What qualifies the order?
-Purchase15mm models worth 200 PLN or more at Assault Publishing store;
-Purchase a printed copy of the PMC 2640 rulebook at Assault Publishing store;
-Purchase both the SF Engineers and SF Observers set from APDS SF range at Assault Publishing store.


From the announcement:

I'm very happy to offer you the limited and collector 15mm SF VIP mini based on one illustration from PMC 2640 rulebook as the gift! The VIP was sculpted by Marcin Tomaszek, who is also the author of the other APDS models. He cooperates with Oddzia? Ósmy (e.g. he made some of their 15mm SF sets) and many other companies.
Although this miniature had different fate planned as special release for 3rd anniversary of Assault Publishing, there were some unexpected delays so I decided to add it as gift miniature for AP customers.
More about the action on Assault Publishing page