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Assault Publishing Announces New Releases

Assault Publishing Announces New Releases:

From their announcement:

Following very successful "Semper Fi", today "Shadow of the Eagle" battleset for Hind Commander was added to the Assault Publishing offer. It is composed from 1/600 scale models of machines used by modern Polish Arms. It is great (and a little exotic for some players) addition to any NATO-themed Strike Groups or may be used to build separate one.

It is very interesting mixture of former Soviet Union, Czechoslovak, domestic and US constructions. "Shadow..." can be found in Assault Publishing on-line store.

Every set normally consist of 4xMi-24, 4xMi-8, 2xMi-2, 4xW-3 Sokól, 1xF-16, 1xSu-22, 5xTwardy MBT, 5xRosomak IFV, 5xSKOT APC, 5xStar 226 truck, 5xDANA SPG and 15xInfantry team.