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Asmodee Releases Zany Penguins

Every day, the penguins take a little bit more of my sanity.
And soon, they're going to take over the world! Penguin-led rule is pretty much assured at this point. But which penguin ruler will be the one that gets the official title of Master of the World? Well, they'll have to find that out amongst themselves. That's the story behind Zany Penguins, now available from Asmodee and Bombyx.

Players will play penguins of all types. From muscled-up caveman penguins, to undead penguins who will do your every order, to robotic penguins, indestructible, but expensive. Of course, just those along won't be enough. Take command of the twins, which let you play more penguins. Or there's the spotter, that will let you see what your opponents have taken before you, yourself decide.

Be the one with the most victory points at the end and claim the world as your own.