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Asmodee Releases Via Nebula

After a tragedy there's a period of rebuilding. Be it a natural disaster or a conflict, when that is finished, people tend to head back in and try and put back together what was torn asunder. Such is the case in Via Nebula. The Nebula Valley has been a dark, dismal place during the bad times, but now the light is once more shining down on the residents and it's time to rebuild.

In Via Nebula, players take on the role of guild leaders. The valley has to be rebuilt and it's up to you and your guild members to make it happen. But first, you'll have to head out into the forests, where some danger may still lurk, in order to get supplies. Send out your craftsmen in order to get wheat, clay, wood, stone, and food. Using those, you can build items in town. Only one guild will be able to claim that they did the most to help the area recover. Make sure that's your guild.

You can pick up your copy of Via Nebula now.