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Asmodee Releases Mysterium

At Gen Con every year there's inevitably at least one game that everyone's chomping at the bit to get. The one that causes lines all the way around the company's booth for days on end, from open to close of the show floor. Usually selling out each day. One of them this past year was Mysterium from Asmodee. Well, for those that didn't get a chance to get it back then, you can have your chance to get it now by just heading to your local game store.

In this game, players work together as psychic investigators, trying to solve a murder from long ago. The ghost of the slain person still haunts the place they once lived, but is only able to communicate through cryptic messages full of symbolism. Or you can be playing as the ghost, doing your best to get the word across what you mean so your soul can finally be at peace.

As I mentioned, the game is available now.