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Asmodee Releases Dynasties Expansion for Nations

Back when I was in grad school, working on a degree in history, one of my favorite classes was all about Nation Building. We would discuss things like "What is a Nation?" "How does it differ from a State?" "What brings people together to form a Nation?" Fascinating class and it introduced me to my now-favorite book, Imagined Communities. Yes, my favorite book is an academic tome. I'm just that dry and uninteresting a person. :P
Anyway, back then I wish I'd known about Nations from Asmodee, or I would've brought it into class. Well, the new Dynasties expansion for the game is now also available.

What does this new set bring? Quite a lot, actually. Starting out, there's twelve new Nations to pick from when starting out. Find yourself in charge of America, or Korea, or Mali, or Ethiopia, or one of several others. There's also Natural Wonders. They work much like other Wonders, but they're discovered. They tend to have a smaller bonus, overall, from other Wonders, but the effect is much more far-reaching, balancing them out with the other Wonders already in the game. And, of course, an expansion called Dynasties has... well... dynasties. Now you can have your Nation be ruled by a single political family system that may limit you in some ways, but will open up other, new options.

You can pick up the set at local retailers and online now.