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Asmodee Previews Treasure and Spells From Conan

As people have started to get their copies of the Conan board game from Monolith Games. As such, everyone else is getting a bit of a look inside of it in preparation for when the game comes out on November 23rd. But for those that don't have a friend whose copy they can borrow, Asmodee gives us a look inside the box. This time around, we check out some of the equipment and spells your characters will be able to acquire while you play.

The players who choose to use the heroes in the game are always going to be under a time crunch. The Overlord player more-than-likely will win the scenario the longer it goes on, not even mentioning those scenarios where the heroes lose if they don't complete their objectives in a certain number of turns. However, we all know the pull of a treasure chest slightly off the beaten path. There could be anything in there! That chest might contain the one weapon or item that will help make not just that scenario, but all the rest in the series, much easier to win. Will you take the time to go open it?