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Asmodee Previews Trading Posts For Cities of Spledor

The Cities of Splendor expansion for Splendor is actually four expansion sets all in one box. From what I've seen, players are excited to be able to add to one of their favorite games. In this preview, Asmodee gives us a look at the Trading Posts that will be in there. Players will add the Route to the Orient board to the game. By using it, players will be able to unlock various special abilities throughout the game.

From the post:

The southern sea winds have proven to be strong allies for the gem trading guilds of Europe. Opening new trade routes for gems and precious stones across India, the guilds’ reach now extends far wider than ever before. Yet with this newly gained influence comes the need to adapt. Along this new trade route to the Orient, which guild will harness the trading posts along the route and emerge the richest?

Cities of Splendor contains four expansions for the critically acclaimed Splendor, offering not one, but four new ways to play the favored classic—Cities, Trading Posts, Strongholds, and The Orient. Each expansion from Cities of Splendor provides a new and exciting addition to the game, showcasing different parts of the base game as you travel throughout Europe in pursuit of glory and wealth.

This week, we start our previews of the expansions within Cities of Splendor, leading up to its release at Gen Con 50! In each article, we’ll talk about one of the expansions and what it adds to Splendor, covering components, gameplay, and some strategies! We’ll also have a livestream this Thursday at 12 P.M. CDT, when we play the Trading Posts expansion from Cities of Splendor live!