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Asmodee Previews the Ladies of Troyes Expansion For Troyes

Unfortunately, here in the US (at least), in your average History class, they don't tend to go too deeply into the fascinating history that is the various powerful women that lived in the Middle Ages. There's just not much in the way of time, really. But where schooling falls short, gaming can pick up the slack. The Ladies of Troyes expansion for Troyes adds three rather fascinating women to the game, as well as many other new components.

Who are these ladies? Well, there's Jeanne de Champagne, who squashed a rebellion attempt and fought against the church when she accused them of theft. Then you have Isabeau de Baviere, Queen of France, who participated in the signing of the Treaty of Troyes. Finally, there's Marie de Champagne, who was in control of the Champagne region while her son was off fighting in the Crusades. Each of these have cards in the game, all of which play in different ways, depending on where you want to focus your attention.

But the three character cards are not all that comes in the set. You've also got 8 outdoor activity tiles, 6 dice, 26 meeples and cubes, 43 other cards (including characters, activities, events, and a couple player aid cards), along with extra derniers and victory point tokens.