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Asmodee Previews The Adventure In Expedition: Endurance

While you can just pull up Google Earth from any internet-capable device and go exploring all over the world, 100 years ago, the only way to go discover a new place was to actually get there, yourself. And that's just what the crew of the Endurance were attempting to do. Unfortunately, ice has surrounded and trapped their ship and the crew is slowly running out of resources. Add to that, a time anomaly has opened up that you and your futuristic crew are having to travel back in time and fix. No, you're not supposed to make it so the expedition is a success, but you're still needed. That's the story behind T.I.M.E. Stories' Expedition: Endurance expansion and what we get a preview of here.

From the article:

In Expedition: Endurance, your receptacle is one of the crew of the doomed Endurance. Something has gone wrong with the expedition, and you must travel back to the year 1914 to close whatever temporal rift you may find aboard the ship or in the Antarctic wilds beyond.

But your receptacle has already been compromised. The Endurance has been trapped in an ice floe, and the crew is running out of food and heat. The barren white landscape looks like death. And the realization that they're going to die—lost and forgotten in this frozen wasteland—has begun to drive the crew members mad. There's little love or trust left between them. They've been overtaken by paranoia, agoraphobia, and kleptomania.

More than that, there's a good chance that you, too, will succumb to the madness. Just as each T.I.M.E Stories mystery can transport you to a different age and place, it can alter the core rules and jolt you just a little bit from your comfort zone. In Expedition: Endurance, however, that jolt isn't small, and you'll be pushed far from your comfort zone. Instead, you'll be fighting for your sanity as you explore one of the most terrifying of all T.I.M.E Stories adventures in a frozen, cloistered, death-ridden environment.