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Asmodee Previews Loony Quest

It's good to be king. But all good things come to an end, even being king. And with something so important, it's a good to know who's going to be king afterward. Well, King Fedoor is at the end of his reign, and one of his final proclamations is to hold a contest to see who will be his successor. Though this won't be a jousting tourney or quizbowl contest. No, it's to be a quest.

Loony Quest is a bit different than most games. Players are given a transparent sheet that they make a path on using a marker. The sheets are then placed on top of a game board. The paths represent the course taken by the players in the game. The object is to avoid traps, but grab bonuses along the way. You can also get points by putting dots near Loonys on the map. The player whose path scores the most points and ends up at Fedoor's throne will be the next king.

The game will be available soon.