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Asmodee Previews Kushite Witch Hunters Expansion for Conan

You're going to be getting a whole bunch of stuff in the base game box for the Conan board game coming from Monolith and Asmodee. Plenty there for hours of gaming.
But if you're anything like me, you know that after a while, you're gonna want to expand out from it. Thankfully, there will be numerous extra sets you can use to add to the game. One such is the Kushite Witch Hunters set, of which we get a look at here.
Also dice. Because... dice.


The set will come with four new miniatures and their corresponding cards. These new characters will give the Overlord player plenty of killingness to make sure the heroes don't make it to their goals. There's a sorcerer as well as three melee fighters, each with their own abilities and deadly tricks up their sleeves. Such tricks include things like Precision Strike, which will ignore a point of the hero's armor, making sure that each hit is felt. The melee fighters will also act as a bodyguard for the sorcerer, making sure there's plenty of spells on the board whenever they're needed.

As for the dice set... it's extra dice. Pretty straightforward there. You get two each of the three types of dice (red, orange, and yellow).