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Asmodee Previews Gameplay in Watson & Holmes

Being a detective isn't easy. There's rarely enough evidence on-hand to immediately catch the criminal. Witnesses can be unreliable, or might even be the culprit, looking to send you on wild goose chases with false information. Also, other detectives are on the case, and if you want to be the famous detective that solved the crime, you must be quicker than them in figuring out whodunnit. That's what's ahead of you in Watson & Holmes, a new detective game coming from Asmodee. They've given us a look at some of the game play in this new preview.

In the game, each player will be given a random identity in secret. Each of you will be looking to solve the crime using your own unique talents and sets of contacts. Part of the game includes trying to figure out who the other players are, as well as who actually committed the crime. If you do figure out who your opponents are playing, you can gain a special ability. However, holding that information to yourself and using it right when necessary is a major part of the game. Collect clues and follow leads and become the greatest detective in all of London.