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Asmodee Previews Gameplay from Aye, Dark Overlord

Well, you dun fudged up. You were supposed to kill off the heroes, grab the magical widget, and allow the Dark Overlord to control the world's supply of whelks. This, of course, would have led to the eventual domination of all the Earth. But, well, you see, wuh ha happen wuz... it didn't work out. Now you need to explain yourself to the Dark Overlord and hopefully do it in such a way from being thrown into the torture pit of terror unending. That's the story in Aye, Dark Overlord. Asmodee is coming out with a new edition of the game and they've got a preview of just how you try and make sure you're around to fail again... I mean work again on the next dark plan.

In the game, one player takes on the role of Dark Overlord. The others are the minions who have failed. It's up to them to explain what happened, using the prompt cards they've been dealt. They'll look to pass the buck or otherwise get the Dark Overlord player to use their withering glares on the other players. Will your story be able to appease the Dark Overlord?