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Asmodee Previews Final Touch

I'm not an artist. All I can do is maybe draw flies (old joke). I've not even painted any minis in quite some time (really need to fix that soon). So you'd probably not want to try and hire me to put any sort of final touches on art forgeries. Well, unless we're playing Final Touch, a new game coming out from Asmodee. That I might be able to do. But then again, I might just smudge the thing on purpose so you can't sell it.

In the game, players get hands of cards that represent different touches of paint that you can add to a painting. The paintings, themselves, are represented by other cards. Those cards are shuffled and the top one drawn, with the next one revealed (so you know what painting will be coming up after the current one). Each painting requires certain touch-ups of color in order to complete it. On your turn, you can either play as many cards from your hand that match the colors required in order to complete the painting, or you can play a single card that "smears" the painting (either a color that's not needed, or an extra card of a color that's already been played/required by the painting). If you complete the painting before it gets three smears, you can sell it for the higher cost on the back. If it gets three smears, then the players who didn't play the final smear get the lower cost on the front of the card. Why ruin a painting if your opponents get the points? Well, the front cost is lower, so you are denying your opponents points as opposed to if they'd finished the painting. Also, if you don't have any cards that match what the painting needs, you'll be forced to smear it.

Play goes on, with players playing cards and either finishing or smearing paintings until someone has made a total of $25 off their paintings. That person is the winner.