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Asmodee Previews Dr. Goldfire Mystery From Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective

Sherlock Holmes is one of the greatest detectives known to literature. Taking the seemingly most insignificant clues, he was able to solve crimes with meticulous attention to detail. In Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective, it's you that has to be so attentive to detail if you want to solve some of London's most baffling crimes. A new expansion, Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures, a new set of mysteries await. Asmodee's posted up a preview of one of them.

Now, obviously, like a good trailer for a movie, the preview gives you a bit of an idea what you can look forward to, but does its best to leave out any details that would ruin the experience (having spoilers to your mystery really can ruin things). But you do get a look at the set-up for the story, including an introduction to Dr. Goldfire and learning a bit about the predicament he's in. Can you figure out who attempted to kill the not-so-good Doctor and bring them to justice in time? That's entirely up to your abilities in deduction.