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Asmodee Previews Dark Rampage Expansion for Kharnage

You're there. You're leading your army. You're slaughtering your way through enemy troops. You're making good headway towards some unimportant hill that seems somewhat important to your opponents (hence why the slaughtering. You can't let the enemy have that hill, no matter how stupid and pointless it seems!). But then you realize that some of the enemies you've slaughtered are giving you a treat! They're coming back to life so you can slaughter them again. Seems there's a necromancer about. And that's just what you get in the Dark Rampage expansion for Kharnage, of which we have a preview of here.


Take control of the undead as the Shadow Queeen and march your units towards that hill. Heroes like Vigo the Krapathian (scourge of Kroldavia) can let you reinforce your army as it engages in battle. Nobody is safe from your necromantic powers. Even parts of the enemy, once killed, can find themselves switching sides even as they cross over to the other side. The set also lets you expand your games from 4 to 5 players, giving you plenty of fresh body parts to fuel your nightmare army.