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Asmodee Previews Cases For Watson & Holmes

People go crazy over them. That is to say, if you accidentally spoil something, there are people out there who will go stark-raving mad about it. Especially for something like a mystery story, if you know whodunnit right at the start, it sort of ruins the fun of it all. As such, having previews of how a mystery game works can be troublesome. Well, Asmodee has taken some bits and pieces of different mysteries and put them together in a special one designed to do just that, without giving away any of the big reveals.

Murder is afoot, as Doctor Bont has been found dead, foaming at the mouth. Madeleine Craig, who worked for Dr. Bont, is the one that found the body... and is now being accused of the murder! Her brother, Arthur, knows that Madeleine could never have done anything so heinous and is looking for help in solving the mystery. Will the sleuths be able to clear her good name and bring the real murderer to justice? That's all on you.