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Asmodee Posts T.I.M.E. Stories: Endurance Preview

In games we get to live out situations that we, ourselves can't do. In T.I.M.E. Stories, your characters inhabit the bodies of others in history and look to fix the time stream. But what if you want to go a step further? The new Endurance expansion coming for the game lets you jump back in time and take on an alternate form, if you so choose. Now, who's a good boy?


From the preview:

Agents, this is a special training for missions involving… let’s say ‘"non-human receptacles." As you know, the tachyon process separates your mind from your body and lets you slip into and gain control of another human being.

Some time ago, following a rare malfunction of the tachyon targeting device, we found out that we could actually let agents use animals as receptacles. Officer Nathan Marks, the first agent ever to insert into an animal receptacle has kindly agreed to… Where is he? Nathan, would you please stand up and stop mewing? Thank you…

Oh, he’s leaving. Well, as a cat—instead of the intended receptacle, the cat’s owner—Officer Marks was able to execute an amazingly successful distraction on a primitive communication system called the Internet. His efforts allowed the other team members to achieve their objectives without anyone noticing.

We have since performed other non-human insertions. At the time being, we can only target a limited range of animals: mammals, preferably with two or four legs… and with a reasonable brain size. Agency R&D is currently working with the Departments of Biology specializing in botany, entomology, and herpetology. So you can expect some stranger things down the line.