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Asmodee Posts Preview of Cash 'N' Guns: Team Spirit

A new expansion for Cash 'N' Guns is coming out soon. It's called Team Spirit and it brings a whole new dynamic to the game: Teams! The world of crime is rough, and having someone that can watch your back is an invaluable resource. Now you've got a second person to help grab loot and one less gun barrel aimed at you. Asmodee has posted a preview of some of the other surprises that come in this set.

Along with being able to play as teams, the set includes several new weapons. One's the silenced pistol. With this gun, you shoot with "click" cards as opposed to "bang" cards. That means you've got extra cards with which you can wound enemies. There's also several new Surprise cards. Parcel Bomb can make a piece of loot look a lot less enticing, while Flash Bang has people aim blind in a round.

Pre-orders are being taken now and those that are headed to Gen Con can check out the set while there.