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Asmodee Posts New Preview For Citadels

There's a new edition of Citadels coming out. It's going to bring a lot of new elements to the overall party. Those that enjoyed the original will find their options for play expanded, with new avenues to victory. Of course, where there's new options for you, there's those same options for your opponent. Going in with knowledge of what may lie ahead will be helpful. Thankfully, Asmodee is here with such help.

The set brings you nine new characters as well as 12 new districts. This particular preview focuses on different ways that you can attempt to build up your town. One looks at making as large a city as you can. Through the use of card draw mechanics as well as getting extra actions, you can create a sprawling cityscape. The other involves giving you lots of options to get just what you need, when you need them. Various districts can turn cards into gold or vice-versa. Others can be whatever type of district you need to meet requirements for things. You can even turn one person into another. This versatility is certainly welcome where every resource is precious.