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Asmodee Posts New Inis Preview

My mom's side of the family is Irish. Add to that my love of history, and you've got me looking over ancient Irish tales in my spare time. So a game like Inis seems right up my alley. It's set in a mythical almost-pre-historical time on the Emerald Isle. And it's a look within it that we get today in this preview from Asmodee.

This time around, we get a look at some of the cards you'll be getting in the game. As it's a bit of an area-control/card drafting game, mobility is a pretty big part of things, hence why being able to move your forces anywhere on the board can be very helpful, such as with Manannan's Horses. Or there's seeing what your opponents are up to and moving cards around from their hands with Maeve's Wealth. You get to check out a few other cards as well. Many of them are tied to specific tiles on the board. Control them and you gain access to these Epic Tale cards.

Expect Inis on store shelves this November.